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What up?

Lindsay Jean Michelle is my name. People call me Lindsay, Jean Dog, Lil’ Dynamite, Bilbo and Starpants (not kidding).


I’m from the San Fernando Valley, but like I wouldn't like say I'm like a valley girl? Cause’ like, I so totally don’t like talk like one?


I’m actually often mistaken for a New Yorker because I was raised by New Yorkers, aka wolves. I’m walkin’ here.


Since society has decided nobody truly exists without a 'brand,' let's make sure you know mine:

On screen, I play the mouthy ball-buster who rolls out of bed with a hangover but still makes it to work on time. I'm a cross between Kat Dennings and Natasha Lyonne, a young Julia Louis Dreyfus, vocally similar to Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. Simultaneously neurotic and confident. Vindictively putting guys in the friend zone know what? Let's not age ourselves here.


I tried acting in order to get out of my shell when I was a wee little lass. I loved it. I stuck with it.  And now I’m pursuing it as a career because I want to tell stories which make people feel seen, heard and understood.


I’m legit; too legit to quit...literally, because I’m not quitting this often unforgiving  business.


Let me show you what I can do.  I will deliver, and you will either be impressed, pleasantly surprised, or likely not surprised at all because we both know you took one look at me and saw it: gumption! One of those three reactions will definitely happen.  Maybe all three, depending on how manic you are. The point is, I’m a professional. To put it simply, I’m really f***king good at what I do. That’s it. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. You want to challenge me? Let’s go. I love a challenge. And chocolate. And dogs. And coffee.

Where was I?


Right. So, me in a nutshell:  Actor. Performer. Comedian. Writer.

Small but mighty millennial.



Acting Reel - Comedic

Acting Reel - Comedic

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